Build an immediate connection with your piano or guitar as you learn

A straightforward, enjoyable approach to learning music that is practical to help ignite and maintain a hobby and passion for life

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Learning acoustic guitar or piano as a hobby should not be tedious and boring

There is nothing more frustrating than…

 Learning from experts only to feel incapable and overwhelmed, even though the lessons were supposed to be designed for beginners and intermediates

• Watching videos that teach music theory without any practical context at all, leaving you disinterested and confused

Being told you need to learn in a formal manner (blues, classical, jazz) even though you may have no interest in this style of music

• Feeling like you don’t know where to start and how to progress in the most enjoyable manner possible, easily scaling the difficulty of your favourite songs

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Join the Simple Start Music community to build an immediate connection with your instrument so that you are able to play songs that you love quickly without feeling like you want to give up.

Want to Learn 20+ Songs In Less Than 20 Minutes With No Prior Knowledge or Practice? (Guitar OR piano option available)

Hi, my name is Trav.

It doesn’t feel all that long ago that I was just starting my music journey learning acoustic guitar (and eventually piano).

All I wanted to do was learn some of my favourite songs in a simple way and eventually spice them up and scale the difficulty to create my own unique versions. Through this process, I wanted to understand just enough theory (in a practical way) to help me deconstruct songs easier and make learning quicker moving forward.

But with a lack of structure and not knowing where to start and how to progress in a systematic way, it took me longer than I would have liked to become reasonably efficient.

That’s why I created this brand –  Simple Start Music.

I have created a straightforward, enjoyable approach to learning music that is practical to help ignite a passion.

Begin your journey with  Simple Start Music

For all steps and learning options, you have two ‘journeys’ you can go on: acoustic guitar OR a piano/keyboard journey

FREE Simple Start PDF

Just getting started with piano or acoustic guitar? Learn over 20 pop/ pop rock songs in under 20 minutes

Choose Your Adventure Course

Do you want to build your skillset through songs and really enjoy the process? Choose 3 of your favourite songs out of the list and I’ll take you from the simplest version to a beautiful intermediate version

30-Day Masterclass Course

Do you want to advance even a little more in a systematic step-by-step way? Enrol in the masterclass so that you can learn to play by ear, and come up with creative and more advanced chord progressions and voicings

“I’d tried learning piano a few times over my life and I kept stopping midway. I continued to get frustrated but when I’d seen Simple Start Music and downloaded the free PDF, it really inspired me as I had a few ‘aha’ moments. Before I knew it, I was singing to my own playing within 20 minutes. I’m now halfway through the choose your adventure course and absolutely loving the way Trav deconstructs the songs and makes it a really fun process.”

Alannah Turner